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Laurie Sewell-Muller Fine Art and Jewelry


Fine Art and Handmade Jewelry

About the Artist


Image of Artist Laurie Sewell-Muller with her husband Jay, and son, Arlo.

Laurie Sewell-Muller lives in Omaha, NE with her husband, Jay, and son Arlo. She received her Bachelors of Fine Art in painting from the University of Nebraska in Omaha in 2010.  She then changed paths to pursue a nursing career from UNMC and graduated with a BSN-RN degree in 2016.  She worked as a community mental health RN at a non-profit outpatient ACT team for three years.  She then had her son Arlo, and decided to focus on her family and furthering her career as a nurse and her passion for art. She is currently working on her doctorate degree at UNMC in mental health nursing to become a nurse practitioner. She envisions that one day she will open an outpatient clinic that focuses on creative mental health recovery through art-making and the experience of art to serve those that suffer from serious mental illness.   

Laurie's most recent creative endeavor is handmade jewelry.  She has always loved rocks, gemstones, nature, and creating beautiful color combinations.  She has found that making jewelry is a new way to express her love for these things and finds that her passion for painting inspires her designs for jewelry.  

*Above photo credit:  Ariel Panowicz Creative

Fine Art

Image of flower watercolor painting

Laurie creates colorful paintings in various mediums and sizes.  Her favorite mediums are oil, watercolor, and pen and ink. She sometimes uses  non-conventional materials like eye shadow in her work.  Laurie is interested in the medium of painting because it provides a way for her to contemplate and explore ideas and imagery within an artistic tradition and explore infinite possibilities. Laurie values the meditative process of art-making and believes that it has the capability to heal the body, mind and soul.

Handmade Jewelry

Image of handmade beaded necklace created  by Laurie Sewell-Muller

Laurie creates handmade jewelry with unique beads of many different materials including gemstones, glass, metal, clay, and recycled materials.  She also uses wire and precious metals in her jewelry creations.  Her creations are playful and are inspired from the world of nature and imaginary beings.

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